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Multichannel PID controller

Purpose of this PID controller is to lower overall amperage by cycling periodically through SSRs.

This is based on osPID


  • Optional: OLED & keypad control
  • 8 channels
  • Optional: Modbus
  • TC sensor module, MAX6675 | MAX31855



  • Autotune per PID
  • Support for multiple TCs (see Marlin firmware)


  • Set max Amp
  • Set max/min heat time per cell/partition

Milestones / Todos

  • Check/Simulate performance bottle necks for Mega
  • Temperature logger, serial & MaxC based
  • Integrate PID/Auto-tune
    • EEprom storage ?
  • Debug interface via RS485
  • Data - reader via RS232 (Matlab)
  • Configuration (remote / local) -> Control-Freak - HMI
  • Model testing/verification

Edge cases / Errors

  • PID-Partition Timeout : PID didn't reach target with limits
  • PID/Partition Overshooting : PID or operator malfunction
  • PID Auto-tuning timeout : autotuning too long
  • PID/Partition interference : partition overlap noise ?


  • Groups (partition groups)
  • Serial (single linked partition group)
  • Remote (HMI & control)


New parameters

  • Ramp-time
  • Amp Budget

New beahviours

  • Currently there are multiple issues surfacing regarding the sheetpress. A profile should allow to have multiple target temperature points (eg: 1 hour to hold softening point, 30 mins for holding melting point rage, 10 mins for slightly over melting point : pressing phase) with a holding & ramp time each.
  • The user should be able to adjust these profiles per flake size. For that we should also study the effects of various flake sizes regarding stresses created in the sheets.


PP Print-Head System

According to the manual OMRON - E5DC / E5DC-B, we have

  • 2 control points
  • Internal Set Point*1
  • Manual MV
  • Remote SP Monitor
  • MV Monitor (Heating & Cooling)
  • Dead Band
  • Derivative Time (Cooling & Heating)
  • Integral Time (Cooling & Heating)
  • Hysteresis (Cooling & Heating)
  • Control Period (Heating)

and lots more settings to influence heating, ramp and cooling behavior via Modbus.

@todo, repeat amp budgets tests with tis controller