OSR - Validation, part of the build pipe
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OSR Validate

This is a 'command line interface' (CLI) to verify OSR but also foreign deployments or contributions.



  • Folder and file sizes
  • Folder and file names
  • Supported formats and file extensions
  • Folder and file structure (according to input specification/template)
  • Shell Extension (OS context menu)
  • Sustainability report (material overhead, manufacturing, consumables, chemicals, energy consumption, life expectancy, etc...)
  • Project / product - config parser & link checker
  • Quality of data (rating per type: CAD)
  • Interop
  • Completeness
  • Platform deployments (config/template hash ?)


  • JSON report (for OSR-API consumer)
  • HTML report


  • Check missing drawings and web outputs (osr-sync & osr-convert)
  • SW/STEP model parser (check SW API)


  • File watcher with notifications


  • Verify meta files and version
  • CI travis reports


  • each project or product may override the input specification (staging)
  • suggestions as auto-renaming files may require user inquiry via CLI or GUI
  • dry-mode