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Robot driven print systems

brief this is part of our work of PP OpenSource contributions, please check our library or our main page for more.

The print head is a modification of Lydia-v4 and aims at a generic solution for most of it´s components.

Status : Confirmed & in progress, ETA Mid. of October


Todos Frederike@3dtreehouse

monday memo:

  • Gantry mount plate, we need the size and locations of the mount holes. We'd need a test rig here.
  • Location and size of the cabinet, what on the control panel (controls & plugs) ?
  • We have to know how we share power source & ground among all digital circuits. Currently we're mostly at 24V and we need another source for 12V (fans, etc...)
  • Clarify RAPID ethernet connectivity
  • local setup / updates ?
  • screw tip / max. barrel length / screw mod
  • Fan control


Noah OS Variant


  • Voltage : 220V|380V
  • Max. 120Kg, first rev. might be around 60KG
  • Controller cable length around 20 meter
  • PID : +/- 5 degc tolerance, alarm/cooling outputs

Gantry Mount

  • : run static tests


( which gives us Ethernet and RS485. The board has been proven reliable and robust (ideal for prototyping).

  • [-] VFD and PID control is mapped to Serial communication which might accept G-Code
  • VFD will be Omron-M2X series since we can use existing code. The VFD also supports Modbus (rather difficult)
  • Internal registers/coils (custom PlasticHub Firmware) to Modbus rep

Diagram source

PID Controller

  • We should go for Omron E5-C series which come with Modbus (consider EMI and cable length to the main controller)

  • Each PID will be exposed on the internal ModBus mapping

  • There is currently a custom PID controller in development but as mentioned, it's unlikely that it sees the light before November. However, I can imagine we use sub-routines as they're avaiable

  • [-] We should create logging module as well a an API to set temperature profiles for different materials. The logging module will help analyzing different PID settings as well experimenting with barrel cooling (when overshooting becomes an issue).

  • [-] Additional, we forward alarms for overshooting on the internal bus

  • Changes : Turns out that the E5DC / E5DC-B family is better choice.


  • [-] OD should be standard to EU heatbands
  • Between Nozzel and barrel we might have some adaptery to exchange different screw tips, up to 10 cm
  • should have a mount near the nozzle
  • Barrel - motor flange should have some redunancy to enable different barrels
  • Taper bearing - 52OD - 30ID | 17H

Hopper interface and Hopper

  • should have a thread interface
  • integrate loader system


  • Investigate Omron - PID feedback to enable more control via M/G codes (purge, ...)
  • Investigate GCode to ROS mapping
  • Investigate screw tip machining, if lucky we get away with 4 axis
  • [-] Test different VFD/PID checksum/parity settings with larger EMI around


ROS (cancelled)

Low - Tech


Cable robotics

Rapid - ABB

ABB 6600

Follow ups

  • calc. energy overhead, per printed kg of plastic
  • calc. min. invest to print obvious products
  • investigate possible OS verticals
  • develop generic system & functional design for v2.0 candidats, for 6D robots but also cable driven 3D systems
  • check displacement options for segmented prints, (cheap floor track system?)
  • check material remove options (see ATIish tool changers YT)