Tools for CAD tasks
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This is a CLI(CommandLineInterface) toolset to convert 3D files, using Solidworks and other software.


  1. Node-JS
  2. Install Git (and the tools!) (Make sure you enable Linux tools on Windows console)
  3. Solidworks 2020. In case you are using another version, please find on your disc 'SolidWorks.Interop.sldworks.dll' and replace the one in ./sw


git clone
cd osr-convert-cad
npm i

# or 

npm i @plastichub/osr-cad -g


Open a terminal and run this:

osr-cad --help (RTFM)

See more in ./



  • Select default views via CLI Argument

  • Arg: Skip suppressed | hidden (difficult since it's out of part file scope, check explorer api ) | dry mode

  • Arg: Overwrite files

  • Arg: skip non OSR parts

  • Arg: displaymode : wireframe, shaded, ... (see SW Docs)

  • [-] report

  • export as lib

  • Multi view (trainings data for @plastichub/part-detector)

  • Speed: use same instance for multiple exports

  • Context Menu Shell Extension (@osr-tools)

  • [-] Local/Global config (=>osrl)

  • emit/merge authors from components in target artefact

  • Add CLI Arg Path variables

    • json-path for glob patterns
    • bracket expansion
  • [-] Report templates (=> @osrl)

    • xls
    • md
    • txt
  • [-] Plugin interface for custom format (chained) => osrl

  • Conversions

    • STEP -> SLDPRT (via xcad->fc->fw)
    • any -> 3dxml (osrl!)
    • any -> html (via edrawings)
  • Structural

    • support pipes, eg: intermediate formats
    • add pre, post and content filters, as pipes
    • plugins
    • integrate osrl
    • omit format options in --help
    • omit possible conversions in ```info``
      • per in and out args
      • global
    • Cache hash fuckery : integrate options in integrity
      • external cache directory


  • Solidworks
  • [-] Set system wide options for JPG output
  • [-] Set system wide options for PDF output
  • [-] Directory index (=>osrl)
  • arg: local HTML path/dir offset
  • arg: generate UNC paths
  • format: PDF
  • [-] arg: sw drawing/BOMs to CSV/xls
  • Part/Sub-Assembly web(&local) compilation/index (=>osrl)
  • [-] Web directory (xeokit)
  • Git hook, check components & references


  • SW: 4view single image


  • Incorrect JPG output with sw2020